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Portfolio: cds

CD's can really change the image of a company or an exective. Full-sized CD's can be handed out at trade shows containing all you product information and catalogs. Business Card CD's containing a multimedia production can be handed out instead of paper business cards.

Showcase CD's:

  • "Cutting to the Chase..." - Manchester Tool Company - This full-sized CD was published with a brief Macromedia Director7 movie to let users easily navigate the contents of the CD. We included the Manchester Tool Company web site and browser installers if the end user needed them to view the web site. It was published for Win95/98/NT and MacOS 7.5.3 or higher.

Visit MacOS Resources
Visit MacOS Resources

Sun, February 25

• I've just completed a new site for The M.F. Cachat Company at www. mfcachat. com

• I now offer custom database design. Using FileMaker Pro I can develope for any platform. Click here for more information.

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cool site if you're looking for anything Macintosh related.


great site for web development resources.

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