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This new version of our site contains heavy use of CSS, JavaScript, and SSI. If you would like to learn more about these advanced features click here.

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Portfolio: web sites

We're sure you are wondering what kind of web sites we have designed. Well, here is a list of some sites Miracom Design has created or redesigned.

Showcase Sites:

    manchesterManchester Tool Company - - We completely redesigned this web site in early 1999. When we started there were only four simple pages with just a few product images. Now, there are nearly one-hundred pages and many distributors use the online product information instead of the printed catalogs Manchester puts out.

    a1A-1 Concrete Leveling, Inc. - - This site was another site that we completely redesigned. After looking at the target clientele and the corporate franchise needs some areas of the site were dropped while others went from only one page to dozens. All graphics were created by Miracom Design, except the logo and photos.

    macosrMacOS Resources - - A web site owned and operated by Mike Minard, president of Miracom Design. This site contains heavy use of SSI and CGI scripts. After being launched December of 1998 it has enjoyed good success and now gets nearly 200,000 hits per month. It was also build around an "easy update" model that enables Miracom Design to easily update the look of the whole site with just changing a couple of files.

    The M.F. Cachat Company - - Completed January 25, 2000, this site is completely database driven using Microsoft Access Databases. The M.F. Cachat Company can add/edit/delete their own articles, products, principals, and sales representatives.

Other Sites:

Visit MacOS Resources
Visit MacOS Resources

Wed, May 22

• I've just completed a new site for The M.F. Cachat Company at www. mfcachat. com

• I now offer custom database design. Using FileMaker Pro I can develope for any platform. Click here for more information.

Quick Links:


cool site if you're looking for anything Macintosh related.


great site for web development resources.

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